G90 Resources

The G90 is a great radio with good documentation.


If you are new to the G90 and especially if you are new to HF Radio I would recommend downloading the following documents:

  • G90 Manual

  • CAT control your Xiegu G90 with your PC and start operating in digital modes

Both documents can be downloaded from:

Radioddity Resources for the G90

You can also download firmware updates for the G90 from the above sites.

My prefered method of updating the firmware on the G90

Videos that will help you setup the G90

I highly recommend watching the videos below to learn how to use the G90.

Techstuff & More

Xiegu G90 - Super quiet CW (and SSB) rig

QRP HF radio

XieGu G90 SSB adjustable filters..


The Xiegu G90 Callsign Editor

Setting the Bandwidth on the Xiegu G90

Xiegu G90 Antenna Tuning

Mic Gain and Compression on the G90

G90 Handheld Mic

Easy Xiegu G90 Firmware Update

How to use the Xiegu G90 CW Decoder

Xiegu G90 Random Memory Assignment

Xiegu G90 Memory Management

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