Welcome to my personal website. The website is home to my personal endeavors: ham radio, relearning Greek, gardening, building electronics, Roman, my black lab, Linux, and anything else that strikes me.

I am plain kind of guy and so is the website, no fancy grapics.

Where am I on the web?

This Website

Besides this website I have a Gopher site and a Gemini site. Some of the material is the same but much of the material is unique is to each site. So please visit all the sites.

The address for the Gopher Hole is gopher://frrobert.net

If you don't have a browser that supports Gopher, please use this proxy link.

The address for the Gemini Capsule is gemini://frrobert.net

If you don't have a browser that supports Gemini, please use this proxy link.

Fediverse and Social Media

I can now be found on the Fediverse at https://social.frrobert.com


https://software.frrobert.com/ Self Hosted Read Only

https://gitlab.com/frrobert2 New Default Host

https://github.com/frrobert2 Forked Projects


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