Almost a POTA Two-fer

This past Wednesday I went hiking at Pokagon State Park, K-2264 over by Angola. I brought my equipment so I could do POTA after the group hike I went on. Across the road from Pokagon State Park is the Trine State Recreation, K-4182. I figured as long as the two were across the street from each other why not do both. That is what I did. I first activated Pokagon and once I was sure I had enough contacts at Pokagon and hit a lull. I quickly packed up and moved over to Trine and setup again. Once I setup I started making contacts and was able to have a successful second activation at Trine.

While this is not a real Two-fer (a two-fer is when you activate two locations at once because of an overlap) it was almost as easy.

I had limited time so I couldn't do a third activation. But if one was so inclined it is possible. If you take the toll road over Pokagon, Pipewort Pond State Nature Preserve, K-4220, is on the way at Bristol. If you take US 20 over Pigeon River State Fish and Wildlife Area, K-4218, is on the way on SR 3. If you did a circle the over achiever could do four activations.

If you wanted to do an overnight POTA excursion, Pokagon would be perfect. Pokagon has a campground, cabins, and an inn along with a myriad of activities to do. The state website is

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