Vim SSH and Yellow

As in a previous blog post I mention I am using Yellow as my CMS. To create a blog post it is simple as creating a text file in the proper directory, with the proper header, and the text of the blog post. The text can be in either md or html. I found the easiest way to create a post is to create and write it right on the server with a server based editor. Vim is included with almost every Linux install and by creating your own .vimrc file you can customize the editor the way you want it. I have customized Vim to create the standard header with an abbreviation, added an html plugin, and spell check. So all I do is ssh into my hosting provider's server, start Vim, write my post in html, and save the file in the appropriate directory and there is my blog post.

The best part of this configuration is it allows my to easily write posts or edit on them on any device that has an ssh client. Since the editor is on the server and customized by me I don't have to worry about having the right tools or editor. It is always there ready to use.

To save a draft copy not ready for publication I save the file with the name I want to use but with a dot in front and then the file is hidden. When I am ready to publish it all I have to do is rename the file by removing the dot and there is my blog post.

Why not give Vim a try as your editor. Even if it is not for you it is an editor you should know how to use. It is often the one tool you have when your system leaves you with just a command prompt and a configuration file that has to be edited to get your gui back