Welcome to frrobert.com. This website is the personal website of Rev. Fr. Robert Bower. It will have a variety of posting due to my eclectic interests. Blog postings can be from Biblical Greek, Orthodox Theology, math helps, recipes, gardening, building electronics, or anything else that strikes me. If you are looking for information about St. Nectarios Orthodox Church where I am the parish priest click here to go to the church's website.

Besides being a parish priest I also teach and tutor. If you need help with subject and wondering if I can help please go to the tutoring page for more information.

Where is batushkas.com? If you came here from batushkas.com, let me give you an update. Due to parish work, teaching, and tutoring I am no longer focusing on web programming. However, if you do have a website issue that you think I can help with please contact me using the contact form and I will see if I can help.